We Will Soon Expose Lawyers Seeking To Manipulate Anas’ Evidence – Kweku...

We Will Soon Expose Lawyers Seeking To Manipulate Anas’ Evidence – Kweku Baako


Kweku Baako, Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide has vowed to expose some lawyers he claims are working behind closed doors to tamper with Anas’ evidence of corrupt judges in the country.

The Senior Journalist accused some lawyers who have sued Anas Aremeyaw Anas in the recent judicial brouhaha of ‘duplicity’ and ‘hypocrisy’.

According to him, the lawyers have contacted Anas and himself seeking to manipulate the evidence to favour their clients cited in Anas’ exposé.

34 judges have been captured on video receiving bribes to influence cases they preside over in court.

Among the accused, 12 judges are from the High Court and the rest from inferior courts.

Some of the judges have filed counter suits against the Chief Justice, Anas, the Accra International Conference Centre and Kweku Baako.

Mr. Baako, speaking on Joy FM’s “News File”, expressed disgust at the conduct of those lawyers for suing Anas and simultaneously pleading with him and the ace investigative journalist to manipulate the evidence.

“It makes me explode and then i decide that show that thing (video) and face the consequences.

“…you don’t go out there pleading for four of your clients, pleading for mercy and asking for evidence to be manipulated and then you file a writ seeking to imprison those who are working for the good of the country“, Mr. Baako said.