Police to meet Ga Council over ‘dumsor’ vigil

Police to meet Ga Council over ‘dumsor’ vigil


Police to meet Ga Council over ‘dumsor’ vigil.

The Accra Regional Police Command will meet organizers of the ‘dumsor’ vigil and Ga Chiefs today, to address their differences over the upcoming vigil.

The Ga traditional council wrote to the police, calling for a postponement of the vigil.

The Ga chiefs argue that the vigil might violate a traditional ban on drumming and noise-making in the Ga Traditional area, but the organizers have explained that they will not resort to noise-making during the exercise.

Speaking to Citi News, the Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Afia Tenge told Citi News they notified the organizers of the demonstration that there are some issues that should be discussed before they can proceed with the demonstration.

“We brought it to their notice that in spite of the fact that we were ready to give them the necessary security, there are certain concerns and that is what I told you. We brought it to their notice and they told us that it is a noise free procession. That was the problem we were having in the first place. Other than that we had no problem at all with going to give them security on that day. Having indicated that to them, now we have the Ga Traditional Council, also coming back to us,” she explained.

She, however, pointed out that today’s meeting is crucial in finalizing arrangements for the vigil.

“..We have not finalized arrangements…If we have not finalized arrangement how can we go on a demonstration? We need to finalize it. There are certain developments coming, there are certain dynamics so this issue must be addressed; so when we address them then we can give the go ahead finally.”

Meanwhile, the La traditional council is asking the Ga Chiefs to stay away from the vigil since the area marked for the event does not fall within its jurisdiction.

They argue that the La Traditional Council has not declared a ban on drumming and noise making hence the organizers can embark on the exercise without hindrance.

“The place where they are going to do the demonstration is not part of Ga Mashie land. La people will stop drumming in July so as at now, when you are in the La land, you can drum and make merry.”

In a related development, Pressure group Occupy Ghana is asking Ghanaians to support the vigil slated for May 16.

Occupy Ghana says the disturbing power supply is a never-ending embarrassment to Ghana adding that all hands must be on deck to address it.