No antidote to Mahama’s dead goat syndrome – KT Hammond

No antidote to Mahama’s dead goat syndrome – KT Hammond


No antidote to Mahama’s dead goat syndrome – KT Hammond.

A former Deputy Energy Minister, KT Hammond has said since the government has put itself in a “dead-goat” sydrome mode by failing to recognize the plight of its people, there is nothing citizens can do.

His comments come after government’s decision to increase the prices of petroleum products by 9%, a move which has angered many Ghanaians who say the timing is “inappropriate.”

Thousands of Ghanaians also joined some celebrities in the country to protest the protracted energy crisis which they say has caused the collapse of their businesses and economically taken a massive toll on the economy.

Referring to President Mahama’s earlier comment that he has adopted a “dead goat” syndrome posture, KT Hammond said: “The dead goat syndrome is a mode to which nobody has an antidote so if they have cocooned themselves into that mode, there is nothing nobody can do!”

The Adansi Asokwa Member of Parliament (MP), said: “Why the NDC government decided to treat the good people of Ghana the way they are doing is incomprehensible.”

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, the Trade Unions Congress (TUC) and Ghanaians are calling for a reduction in pricing because it will only worsen the socio-economic challenges facing the nation.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, the Minority spokesperson on energy argued that “there is actually no sensible economic reason for what they have done…it doesn’t follow any logic at all.”

He observed that since the prices of crude oil and the world market began to drop last year, the government “has given us some too little decreases and then when it comes to increases, they give us double which is imply bad!”

According to him, the whole country has been “subjugated to what they describe as dead goat syndrome, there is very little anybody can do about it.”

KT Hammond remarked that “we will talk and talk and talk, but we all know what is in a dead goat so they will all become ‘dead-goated’.”

“There is simply not mush – yentie obiaa, they simply will not listen and I wish them well.”

He warned the government if it continues to “treat the good people of Ghana with impunity, treat them without respect, treat them with this amount of callousness and insensitivity; in the fullness of time, in December 2016, they will have their retribution and they will get their capital punishment and we will do it with a compound interest.”

KT Hammond indicated that presently, it is difficult to figure out what the government wants to do with the people of Ghana because “they are just playing us around like football.”

“Look at the power crisis we are struggling with and on top of that you think you should hit us with increases in petroleum prices? Run the economy to the glory of God, and what you think you can do is you think the petroleum system is a milk cow so you will milk it for what it’s worth and just recklessly treat us the way you want, so be it,” he fumed.

Commenting on the ‘dumsor vigil’ which was organized by some celebrities on Saturday, the NPP MP commended Ghanaians for joining and speaking up.

He, however, stated that, “it’s been three years, we’ve gone on repeatedly about the power issues…how many demonstrations haven’t we attended?

The goat is dead, it’s dead and he who is down fears no fall…but it is sad.”