Leave “Poor” “Innocent” Veep’s Wife Alone…She Doesn’t Understand Politics – Kwesi Pratt

Leave “Poor” “Innocent” Veep’s Wife Alone…She Doesn’t Understand Politics – Kwesi Pratt


Kwesi Pratt has asked Ghanaians to stop blaming the “poor and innocent” wife of Vice President Amissah Arthur for her public gaffe.

Contributing to Peace fm’s Kokrokoo, Mr. Pratt noted that the Second Lady, Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur has no political experience and so the nation should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Explaining to host Kwami Sefa Kayi, the seasoned socio-economic commentator stressed that Mrs. Amissah-Arthur has not contested elections before in the country neither has she held any public office.

Mr. Pratt was addressing the issue regarding the public outburst by the Veep’s Wife on the headmistress of Kukurantumi Presby Primary School.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur lambasted the headmistress for requesting some education items from her on behalf of the government.

The headmistress’ request didn’t sink down well with her and so in a quick response stated emphatically that “the Head teacher has shocked me…she said you lack chalk and log books…I am very shocked that you are today asking me about chalk…how much is a box of chalk…I won’t give you chalk today, I won’t give you chalk tomorrow…

But to Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Amissah-Arthur “does not understand the politics. It’s too much for her perhaps” and so the nation should pardon her ignorance.

Why are we blaming this woman? This poor and innocent woman; why are we blaming her? She never contested election. She never offered herself for public office. She was minding her business and by some accident of history, her husband has become Vice President.

Why are government managers pushing innocent women who by some accident of history have become wives of important people into the center of public affairs? We have a Minister of Education with two Deputy Ministers of Education, with a Director-General of the Ghana Education Service with Deputies and so on. We have Regional Directors and District Directors and so on. How come that the Wife of the Vice President is the one distributing school items? And if she makes a mistake, we have to eat her alive?” he quizzed.