Lack of understanding of Mathematics cause of ‘dumsor’ – Prof. Anku

Lack of understanding of Mathematics cause of ‘dumsor’ – Prof. Anku


Lack of understanding of Mathematics cause of ‘dumsor’ – Prof. Anku.

The head of the Ghana Mathematics society, Professor Sitsofe Anku has attributed Ghana’s failure to solve the persistent energy crisis to a lack of understanding of the subject of Mathematics.

Prof Anku, speaking on Adom FM on Thursday, said that Ghana would have easily solved the four-year-old power crisis if it had comprehensive understanding of the subject and can readily apply it in our everyday lives.

“Mathematics can solve the Dumsor problem…principles and methods of mathematics ensure the efficiency of everything we do and that everything we do contains Mathematics…yes seriously [if our mathematics is good, we can solve Dumsor problem]…,” he said.

The Professor who led the revolution in Singapore’s educational system was reacting to an OECD report which places Ghana at the bottom of the pecking order in the study of Mathematics.

Prof. Anku said this should be attributed to the lackadaisical attitude of teachers and students towards the study of the core subject in schools adding that teachers have failed to let students see the relationship between the subject and everyday life.

“There are some of them [teachers], maybe the majority, they don’t understand Mathematics in the first place…some of them even didn’t pass the Mathematics well, they fear the subject and introduce the same fear to their students…there is always the fear of learning mathematics…there is a mental block when it come to mathematics…,” he said.

Maths students, he said, must always be taken out of the classroom to learn how related the theories they learn in the classrooms are to happenings in everyday life and urged teachers to do less of the theory and do more practicals.

As part of the solution to the age-old problem, he said, the Maths Society has been holding workshops to train teachers on how to teach the subject for fun and not for strict examination purposes.

“We are too much examination focus, so students don’t enjoy the subjects they do…we should wait more and let students enjoy the subject…,” he said.

Prof Anku reiterated the need to do away with the fear the subject presents as it is the basis for solving most human problems including the energy crisis.