Gov’t Will Be Insincere To Workers If It Says There Is No...

Gov’t Will Be Insincere To Workers If It Says There Is No Money – Judicial Service


Taking into account the innumerous workers union strike actions in the country against the Mahama administration, the President of Judicial Services Staff Association of Ghana, Mr. Alex Nartey has concluded it is due to the poor treatment meted out to the public sector institutions.

There have been a lot of labor strikes in the country and the recent one after a long break of such strikes is the Judicial Services Staff Association of Ghana, threatening to withdraw services this week following what it describes as a series of “unsuccessful meetings” with management over unpaid benefits and allowances.

Leadership of the Association said it had issued an ultimatum to management which expired on Friday, October 30 for their grievances to be addressed, but nothing concrete had been agreed on.

Following the expiration of the ultimatum, president of the Association, Alex Nartey said, “the national executive council in consultation with the general members of the Association decided to issue an action plan and it is as follows…

“Effective Monday, November 2, Judicial Service Staff of Ghana nationwide would be in red armbands same on Tuesday and Wednesday. If by close of Wednesday we still do not see any positive results then from Thursday we would do a partial withdrawal of our services.”

Mr. Alex Nartey on Okay Fm’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show says it would be insincere on the part of government and anybody in authority to continue peddling the overused phrase ‘there is no money’ because it is not true.

According to him, the judicial services also generate revenue for the government and that it will be unacceptable for the government to tell the Association there is no money in the system as it has always said to workers in the country.

“Our Finance people analyze how much revenue we get a week, a month and so forth and so if you tell us the money we generated for you is not there anymore, then government is not being sincere with us,” he charged.

“It is not as if we are not sympathetic to government but every government comes to power to ensure that its people are doing better with the limited resources,” he added.

He however admitted that though no nation has ever lived within its means, it beholds on the management of the economy to prioritize the available resource in order to make things which seem impossible possible.

He stressed that the managers of institutions like the Judicial Services are suppose to find ways of dealing with them peacefully which will help sustain this important arm of government; adding after November 6, 2015, if their issue is not resolved, there will indefinite strike action from November 9, 2015.